Friday, November 16, 2012


All right, I have a fairly important question to pose to all you experienced with Swiss cultural behavior.

A few days ago I found a wee note in my mail box.  It was from a nice neighbor with young kids whom I've chatted with a few times since moving into the building in August.  Here's what she wrote: Hast du mal Lust auf einen Kaffee oder Tee?  Ich wuerde mich freuen!  Then there's a bit about what times would be best.  She concluded with: Klingle doch einfach mal!

Just 'klingle' it?

So, does this mean that I am really able to just ring her doorbell around the appointed times and she'll be ready to entertain me?  I suppose that if she's not able to have a bevvie at that point, then she'd just tell me and send me on my merry way.  Right?

I don't know why, but just ringing someone's doorbell seemingly unannounced makes me feel funny.  Back in the States, no one rang my bell who wasn't expected.  People usually called me first to see if both I were home and I had time for a visit.  Don't get me wrong, I'd like to ring her door bell.  She's very nice and I'm up for a chat, but I guess I have door-bell angst, or something.  Again, just to be clear, if she's written 'ring the bell', then that actually means I should just 'ring the bell' and be done with it...nicht wahr?


  1. I remember a time, as a child, when people would just show up. Out of no where, hello. My parent didn't mind. I doubt they knew in advance either, we never had a phone growing up. Weird I know! I guess if we had one I didn't know about it!

    1. I wonder if the showing up unannounced could be a regional thing? I know for sure it's a generational thing. My childhood friends came over whenever they wanted and I did the same at their houses. My parents' friends certainly came over for dinners and the like and they were all pre-arranged.
      It certainly seems a more friendly way of going about life when folk are allowed to just pop over for a chat and a cup of tea, or whatever. I might have liked growing up that way.
      Did you really not have a phone?! That's wacky stuff.

  2. Falls jemand mir irgendwelche Vorschlaege haette, waere ich dankbar!


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