Monday, December 17, 2012


After three, consecutive, nearly 12-hour work days I'm ready to 'throw in the towel', as they say, and call it 'quits' on the Xmas market scene.  Thank God our shop wasn't slated to work the whole nine-day market.  That would have not only driven me batty, but probably would have turned me off to selling cheese completely.  Three very long days in just about freezing weather standing in a plywood hut surrounded by cheese and a vat of special, gluehwein-like brew has just about turned me into an anti-Weihachtsmarkt person.  I may never be able to face another hot cup of booze and chunk of 'bio' blue cheese again.

The calm before the mini-storm.

At least I actually sold something during my time at the 3-day market.  The chap across from me had barely a visitor the whole weekend.  On the first day toward the end of things I brought him over a gluehwein.  It was then that he'd told me this was his first time here and that he had heard this market would be 'busy'.  Well, I can't say that it was during the first two days, but, Sunday, however, saw a nice, steady stream of folk for which I was grateful.  It's hard standing in one place for the better part of one's day without the distraction of a chat and a sale to keep one going.

Our man across the way was selling lovely, hand-wrought, ceramic figures of various sizes and shades, but, mostly, the same angel-inspired shape.  Even today he hadn't had much custom.  I wonder what had put folk off?  His work was clearly of good caliber.  Are folk not into buying an winged statue or Xmas tree ornament as a gift for someone?  I very much wanted to purchase an ornament, but was afraid I'd bang it up in my bag somehow during the market itself.  There's no place to hang your bag in the Xmas market huts and I could just see myself inadvertently crushing underfoot something both that I'd just spent a pretty penny on and was so very pretty itself.  As it turned out, the ceramic figure seller came over to my stall just before closing this evening and gifted me a very small (think: fit into the palm on one's hand) angel statue.  I was very touched by his gesture.



  1. That's a really nice gesture.

    Now, THIS got interesting -- where were you, or where was this Weihnachtsmarkt? And why wasn't I invited to go pay you a visit?!?!? :P

    It's an indoor Christmas market I have coming up this Friday. I had been swinging to and fro between 'got to make the best of it' and 'bah, nobody's coming' anxiety. Still have no idea which way to think -- it will be my first market for the year, furthermore a Christmas market, but I'm skeptical about people actually going to a market on a Friday evening. Would love your two cents on this. It looks like your Weihnachtsmarkt was in a crowded old town... Can't imagine how it'd be in an indoor thing.

    1. I would think that a Friday night market could go well, but, perhaps, not as well as a Sat/Sun. market as folk might be too pooped to go out and shop after the work week is through. -tough call. What else will be housed in the market with you all? I know the event is part of Heiliger Bimbam, and, from what I can gather, it's an anticipated event 'round these parts, so it may be well-visited from the get-go based on name alone. I think that all the shops stretching out under the Viadukt are participating, so it could be a, sort of, Xmas shopping destination for many folks in need of clever and crafty gifts.

      I don't think I'm working, so I shall swing by and check out all the fab wares!

  2. Sounds nightmareish! I love that statue though, it's fabulous!! WANT!

    1. It was just soooo tiring, really. Counting back change when you're both super tired and cold is a challenge, too. I'm not going to lie, I counted the change out loud and (mostly) in English. I needed the help. :)

      The angel dude was very sweet. I watched him for the better part of the market sitting back in his stall having a smoke and drinking tea from a thermos.


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