Monday, December 10, 2012


I was just perusing the Yelp forum where someone had posted a blurb on a reviewer being sued by a business owner because she had posted a less-than-stellar review of his work.  There was also an intimation of theft.  The business owner is claiming defamation of character.  That got me to thinking.  Can one be threatened with litigious action for having posted his or her truth?  A memory?  An event?  Factual information about someone that isn't very flattering?  If I were to write that 'so-and-so' laughed at me when I fell off a curb and hurt my ankle at the age of 7, then would that person threaten me with 'an I'll sue you!' sort of response?  Probably not.  Or if I were to post that 'so-and-so' and I broke into both our elementary school and the church by our house just for kicks, then would that be going too far?  I still say, 'no way'.  Why?  Because these are my memories, too.  It's my experience of a certain time, a certain place, and certain people.

With respect to the person in question who was so upset by my words, I'd say it was more a review of her upbringing and not of her.  So, maybe her parents would like to try and sue me for my having exposed them as a-holes? 

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