Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's my choice, thanks.

Someone I went to high school with wrote recently on Facebook about how some women should be 'allowed' to have abortions whereas other women should be 'denied' them.  This person also mentioned how abortion should not be used as a 'quick fix', an expression that has been for decades to describe how women supposedly choose to terminate a pregnancy as if they were deciding to 'henna over' the grey in their hair or choosing to repair a broken window with a bit of cardboard.  Abortions should not be a 'free for all', he wrote, as if women would be going in for the procedure on a regular basis after repeatedly having loads of unprotected sex.  Why use pesky prophylactics when one could just go through the 'easy-peasy' process of a dilation and curettage?  Right, ladies?

Here's the response I posted to my Facebook 'friend':

I'm going to have to refute what you've said about abortions, unfortunately. No woman ever uses abortion as a 'quick fix'. Having an abortion is not akin to stitching a patch over a hole in a pair of jeans, or re-attaching the handle of a broken coffee mug with a bit of glue. There will be no abortion 'free for all' because deciding to have an abortion is not an easy decision to make. To be very frank, I had an abortion at the age of 40. At the time, I felt I was neither financially able nor emotionally prepared to raise a child. Would you have denied me the ability to choose to terminate the unwanted pregnancy as I had not conceived through rape?
That's a filibuster, buster!  Wendy Davis in the Texas Senate.
The guy's response to me was something along the lines of 'I didn't mean you couldn't (have bodily autonomy), I meant those other women...blah, blah, blah.'  Shortly thereafter, homie blocked me on social media.  I guess he couldn't take having his narrow-minded view on women's reproductive rights challenged.  -better to ignore me than to deal with what I wrote.


  1. I want to give you a hug. We all need to have the choice.

    1. Thanks for your offer of a hug, Juanita! :)

  2. The paradox in giving chances. Giving a child a chance or giving a child the best chances.

  3. I have just read that Perry will call a second session in order to pass his anti-choice, anti-woman bill into law. -hateful, hateful man.


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