Thursday, June 27, 2013

Language and recipes

So I found this gorgeous-looking cake recipe while searching the internet in vain for something sweet-tasting with Tonka.

Photo credit: Trotamundos

The food and photography blog, Food and Cook by Trotamundos, is a visual delight put together by someone who not only is a dab hand in the kitchen, but also a pro with the camera.  My problem is that can neither speak nor read Spanish and feel that attempting to translate this page will prove beyond my ken.  Oh, but I soooo want to try!

I'd wager that after you have looked at her Tonka Bean Bundt Cake post you will want to bake this cake, too.  Or maybe just eat it. :)

Baking update at 23.30

Here is my paltry version of the cake in the above photo.  One of the only good things I can say about this cake is that it very smoothly came out of the form with no fuss, no muss.

The cake that looks WAY better than it tastes.

Baking update on 30.6.13

Undaunted, I made the cake again last night with a few crucial changes.  The initial cake did not seem to fit my baking form, so this time I halved the recipe, but stuck to the original one hour bake time.  I didn't think that the first cake had enough 'pizzaz', so I added to the batter both the zest of one lemon and a half a teaspoon of a Tonka-beans-soaked-in-rum concoction.  The results were positive: the cake came out thoroughly baked and tastes faintly of vanilla, almond and lemon zest and I really could not be more pleased!


  1. I DEFINITELY could do with a slice or two of that now.

    1. Colour me dense, but I just remembered the magical tool that is Google Translate. The recipe has been translated and I will commence with the baking now!


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