Saturday, May 2, 2015

Settling in with old and new...

New addition: kitchen table
We haven't had a kitchen table since I gave up my 50s dinette set in 2009 in anticipation of our big move to the Big Apple.  We figured we'd barely find a place with a kitchen that two people could stand in at the same time, let alone find one that had sit-down space.

The hubs and I were browsing West Elm, recently, when we spotted their homage to mid-century modern furniture in the form of bedroom sets, dining sets and a range of tile-top tables sold as patio furniture.  This funky orange and grey model caught our eye the most, so we thought, Why not get it for the kitchen?  The chairs are teak hand-me-downs from my cousin and they seem to work well with the tile-top.  I picked up the groovy-looking, wood-framed mirror resting against the wall in the background at a now defunct second-hand shop in Hayward (home still to some of the best charity shops in the Bay Area) 20 years ago for 15 bucks.  The grey mirror backing paint has peeled off a bit probably due to the move, so, before it hangs, it needs a bit of sprucing up.

While I'm not much enjoying living back in America, my immediate surroundings, at least, are appealing.

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