Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mom's visit.

My Mom and her husband came for lunch at the weekend.  She'd mentioned beforehand that she'd be bringing along a box of my things that she's been storing for the past 25 years.  I had no idea I'd left anything behind and was more than mildly curious to see what the box yielded.

-turns out the trove was not much more than old notes written back and forth between me and my high school friends.  Major themes of the day were boys, partying and shopping, in that order.  I read about of half them before chucking the lot.  Among the folded up pieces of paper were a few old pictures.  My favorites were a Polaroid picture of my first, serious high school boyfriend sans shirt, circa 1985, and me with co-workers at my first, not-so-serious job in the city, 1990.

How he manages then to look just as old as most guys my age now is beyond me.

Happiness was working in an ice-cream parlour.

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