Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Squirrel and birthday.

Over the past month, or so, I have consistently been seeing empty peanut shells on the back deck.  Not a lot of them, mind you, but enough to make me wonder if birds are bringing their booty to my yard and snacking.  We've a lot of crows that hang about out back and, of course, there's the crafty Jay, among other bit players.

This morning I got up early to have a coffee at the kitchen table & contemplate my (birth) day.  As I sat I saw a plump squirrel standing by the deck chairs with a peanut in its mouth.  The peanut was partially shelled, not yet fully 'enjoyed' by my wee friend.  I got up to get a better look out the back window, making the squirrel shoot off, peanut firmly in mouth.  No shells on the deck this morning.

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