Monday, August 3, 2015

Cosby's 35 'problems' and counting...

I wonder how many people who so voraciously defended Cosby against the claims of sexual assault made by the women shown above will still do so after reading the admissions by Cos himself.  The contents of a ten-year-old deposition have since been made public and do not show Bill Cosby in a favorable light.  It was reported that Cosby obtained Quaaludes (& had 7 prescriptions for them) for the express purpose of giving the drug to women so that he could engage them in sexual intercourse.  He told the court that he could 'read' women and knew what they wanted, sexually speaking.  Uh-huh.  Andrea Constand, the woman who brought about the suit against Bill Cosby in 2005, has since asked: if Cosby knew women so well, then why couldn't he tell that I was lesbian?  Hubris trumps reality, I guess.  For years, Dr. Cosby used his public platform to call on young black men to pull up their pants and behave properly.  Too bad Bill couldn't follow his own advice.

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