Friday, September 25, 2015

Bay Trail, Pt. 1

There's a new feeding 'cubby' in the brambles by Feeding Station 1.  I cleaned it ('twas quite muddy and there was a crumpled-up dead wasp underneath the kibble dish--yuck), put a bit of kibble in the dish and water in the moat. 
I saw a new-to-me-kitty today while out on the trail.  He's grey, has medium-length fur and a clipped ear.  He looked in very good nick.  I've got to peruse the cat 'who's who' list one more time to see if I can identify him.  I think it may have been Nico, but can't be too sure.  Maybe-Nico was cruising between the rocks and Stations 1 & 2.  He responded positively to the sound of rustling kitty-treats and even meowed at me when I was shaking the wee bag.  I was able to provide him with a snack (Piggy was monitoring his intake lest he leave any behind).  Buster, Tommy and Piggy all had wet food.  Tommy and Piggy also ate some dry kitty-treats, separately, and, in Tommy's case, ultimately, he finished his together with Piggy's 'help'.

Probably-Nico eating kitty treats.

Piggy 'helping' Tommy finish his snack.

I spotted a fisherman standing quite near Station 3 with his pole resting in the water.  He watched me  as I cleaned the feeding area.  After a few minutes, I decided to greet him to which he responded with an 'uh', then took his rod out of the bay, strapped everything down on his bicycle and pedaled off.

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