Friday, September 25, 2015

Share the...zzzzzzzz

I was hit by a car on my bike yesterday.  I say 'hit', but it was more of a bump.  It was like a big nudge, really, into the back fender of my bike.  I was pushed forward as I waited for the light to turn green.  I thought that the driver was trying to push me out of the way, so that he could turn right on a red light.  I turned around and saw a rather relaxed looking man behind the wheel of a late-model sedan.  He raised his eye-brows at me after I'd said, 'What the fuck?!' at him.  A pedestrian crossing the street in front of me then said, 'He just fell asleep!'  'He's not even paying attention...'  I'm glad for the eye-witness report, but confused.  Who falls asleep at an intersection in the middle of the afternoon?  A drunk? A guy who works graveyard?

I thought of wheeling my bike over to the drivers side window and giving him what-for, but didn't want to give him the chance to drive off, so I just stood, legs on either side of my bike, in front of him until the light turned green.  As I cycled through the intersection, I turned to see him vaguely look in my direction, a slight shrug of the shoulders followed my flipping him the bird.  He could not have cared less.

The 'bump' occurred on a 'share the road' road, something I fucking hate, as there is no dedicated separate space for bikes on such a road.  In the share-the-road scenario I am always riding as close to the curb as I can.  I know I am not a car and don't wish to compete with them, but must 'share the road'.  *sigh*  We're all meant to be one, big, happy commuting family on these roads, and, clearly, if nodding-off dude is an example, we are not.


  1. It is a big problem also here with the bikers and the cars all together on the roads.

    1. Yes, Yael, it's a scary and dangerous problem, at times. I wonder why we aren't putting in more dedicated bike lanes on our streets. California is clogged with cars and hampered by barely existent public transport. Changes in how we navigate our space are essential.


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