Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bay Trail, Pt. 2

I've just spent the better part of ten minutes watching Tommy groom himself.  Boy, is he vain! :)

Both Tommy and Buster had a nice wet-food breakfast this morning.  It would seem they have a penchant for duck.  Piggy was a no-show.

Post-grooming Tommy

I spotted some stool that would indicate either a cat or dog or other creature may be in ill health.  -took a few pics, but decided not to post them here.  Both deposits are in the brush by where the cats now sleep.

I've recently met a new-to-me kitty called Forrest.  He was at the feeding station the other morning when I came to clean & feed.  I left him some kitty treats & moved on to the last station in order to give him some privacy before returning to do my work.

I can haz treatz?

I came back out to the Bay Cat area at 7pm the other night as I was curious to know how quickly kibble might be eaten over the course of the day.  (A ton of uneaten kibble was left-over the other morning at the first station.) I said 'hello' to Tommy and Piggy and another kitty I did not know.  They were hanging about in the bramble by the first station.  I also noticed that the Cat Whisperer had put on quite a spread with heaps of wet food, dry food and water.   In the grand scheme of things, this is fine, right?  Or is the wet food an invitation for raccoons and pigeons to come a-calling?

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