Friday, October 2, 2015

Bay Trail, Pt. 3

I didn't think anyone would show this morning while out on the trail.  Toward the end of things, after looping back to the first station, I saw Piggy in the bushes just sort of sitting.  Waiting, perhaps?  I called out to him and he meowed in reply.  Out came the wet-food and he ate as much as he could before abandoning the can and moving off to sit under some brush.  I took a good 'product-placement' shot of him eating the donated tinned food.  -will pass it along to the woman running the website in the hopes that those who donate know how appreciated they are.

There was another mostly new-to-me cat out on the rocks sitting near Tommy.  I couldn't tell if he was a long-termer or the cat that has been sighted in the past few weeks and maybe a 'new addition'.  Whoever he is, he split as soon as I approached with my chopped chicken tin.  I then tried to tempt Tommy up from the rocks near the water, but he wasn't having any of it.  The more I waved the tin in the air and said his name, the more freaked out he looked.  -with good reason.  He doesn't know me as I'm still new to the biz of kitty-care.  I tried leaving the tin on a rock nearer to him and farther from me, but that just invited the gulls to come and have a peck.  I wound up having to bin the tin.  Sad.

Tommy and compatriot.

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