Sunday, October 18, 2015

'Painful' memory.

I was recently reminded that alcohol in the eyes burns like a mo-fo.  It was 25 years ago at a house party in my home town that I had a drink thrown in my face.  -not as exciting as it looks in the movies, let me tell you.

Yesterday, a fit, red-headed man with freckles and a fine tan came into my shop to purchase lunch.  Tall and striking, I stared at him a bit before realizing that I must know him from somewhere.  As my workmate was ringing him up, I asked if he were from Hayward-by-the-Sea.  He said that he was and I said I was as well.  He gave his name and I blurted out, 'I think I partied at your house'.  He asked my name and as I told him he smiled and said, 'Oh, yeah! I remember you!'  That made me wonder if we'd hooked up, or something.  He quickly went on to say that he works as a carpenter and is often on jobs with D.L.  D.L. was the douche who threw a vodka tonic in my face all those years ago in the backyard of Red's house.  Apropos red, my co-worker said I looked like a beet at the mention of D.L.

Weird stuff and weird memory.  F.U., D.L.


  1. Ahhh, such a small world sometimes, isn't it? It's kind of funny that he remembered you from that incident.


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