Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday cycles.

The hubs and I went for a 40-mile ride today.  Taking the bay trail from home, we made our way to the Dumbarton Bridge.  It's the only bay span equipped with a bike lane.  We had high hopes of cycling to Union City, but, riding along loud cars with only a three foot cement wall separating us, I panicked & made an 'about face' only a fourth of the way to the East Bay.
Along the salt flats. Part of the Facebook campus is off in the distance.

Dumbarton Bridge, bike lane entrance.
Back on land, we decided to bike south to the Google compound in Mtn. View.  Our route took us through East Palo Alto, a fairly unsavory-looking town where many of the homes have barred windows and sit behind wrought iron fences.  We pedaled past a young & very pregnant woman shuffling down the pavement who looked in need of a hot bath and a hug. 
Multi-ball was a hoot!
My reward for 20 miles on the bike was a game of pinball at Eric's place of work (and a soft-serve with M&Ms on top) before making our way home.
My new cycle-buddy.

The bike/ped bridge from E. Palo Alto to Palo Alto. Signs posted let cyclists know they're to dismount. I did not.

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