Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas came early?

-heard a bit of a commotion at the front of the house just now.  I came to the window to see a tow-truck driver, under the instruction of a middle-aged woman wearing a thick sweater and high-waisted jeans, deposit a late-model American car at our curb.  I thought it odd, but then figured that she'd then hop in and drive away.  Nope.  The car now sits out front by its lonesome.

I don't really care who parks out front, but to have a car be deposited & left out front of the house seems a bit strange.  Especially given the fact that the woman whose car it may be I have never seen before.  I know most of my neighbors living in the general vicinity, well, 'know' is generous, but I recognize most of them by sight, and she isn't one of them.

So, was she just Mrs. Claus in disguise and that muscle car is really my Xmas present?  Ha.  Fat chance, but it makes a better story then what's really going on & that's 'nada'.

24-plus-hours-later update:

When the car hadn't been picked up within a day, I rang the non-emergency police no. & asked if the dropped-off muscle car were something they should be privy to.  'Are any neighbors into collecting vintage cars?'  'No.'  'The car is parked right in front of your house?'  'Yes.'  The cop then asked for the license plate no. in order to pull up ownership records.  He also asked if I knew a certain street (that was supposedly in the area).  I told him I didn't & gave him my address.  'Oh, he's your neighbor.  Call back if the car starts to bother you and we'll notify the owners that they need to move the car.'

I later looked up the street where the car owner lives.  The street is neither in my neighborhood, nor one I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.  If by 'he's your neighbor', the cop meant 'he lives in the same city as you', then, yes, he's my 'neighbor'.  Weird all around.

As I was leaving the house late this evening on my bike, I spied two dudes wearing head lamps hanging about the car.  One was unlocking the driver's side door and made to get in while the other walked around the front of the car, checking out the hood.  A big-rig pulling a massive car carriage, carrying approximately five other cars, stood in the middle of the road.  It appeared they were going to add this old timer to their collection.  I heard a smattering of some Eastern European language spoken between them before taking off.  I returned an hour later to find that the car had, indeed, been taken.  Thanks for nothing, Santa!  --still wondering why in the heck the woman from yesterday morning would have paid, I presume, the car dudes to pick up her Ford from not her house


  1. This sounds like the start of a movie about the mafia or something...

    1. Ha! Yes, it's either that or a house wife fed up with her hubby's broken down muscle car (from the hey-day of his life & their marriage) parked in the drive way for the past 25 years. I imagine her saying enough is enough and sneakily selling the old girl on the hush-hush.


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