Friday, December 4, 2015

Bay Trail, Pt. 5

Marshie, before being joined by a second diner.

Marshmallow seems to have taken Piggy's spot as the one who's always around waiting for me to dispense a tinned treat.  When I arrived at F.S. 3 today, Marshie was sprawled out asleep on a slab of concrete just next to the bridge.  He woke up when I drew near and stood staring as I made ready some wet food.  B.B., who almost always stays in the background when Marshie comes up from under the bridge, actually joined M. for a nosh.  As long as I didn't make any sudden moves while cleaning, B.B. seemed content to eat.  I took a few pics to document the occasion.

Here's one:

Simply raising the camera made BB wary.

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