Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dan the Man.

An old friend from Jr. High died two days ago.  He was 46.

He was into comic books long before they were hip.

He was a goof-ball in a family with ultra tough and cool older brothers.

He was who all the girls referred to as a 'sweetheart'.

He was a trend-setter as far back as 1981.  (See: rap artists who walk around with one pant leg rolled up.)

He was an artist.

He was loved by many.

He was his unvarnished self.

About 25 years ago, Danny asked me why I changed how I spoke depending upon who I was speaking with.  His question was almost an accusation of fakery.   Defensively, I told him it was called 'code switching' and everyone does it.  Don't they?  He never did this.  He was always who he was no matter who he was talking to.  Pure Danny.

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