Thursday, January 21, 2016

Food journal

Who the heck keeps a food journal?  Dieters?  Old-agers?  Obsessives?  As it turns out, I do.

An on-going issue--as yet unresolved--has led me to, so says the internet, trying an 'elimination diet'.  I'm only on day two of said diet, so I can't say that much has changed, but I do already feel less shit.

Banana, mint tea, baguette with ham and butter, cashews, one sip of espresso, whole milk, blueberries, chicken thigh, garlic, bell pepper, broccoli, mozzarella

My newly-minted food journal almost reads like a fit person's dietary regimen, or what I imagine a fit person would eat.  Thanks to having adverse reactions to god-knows-what I've been eating, I am starting to go down a path paved with less processed foods, less refined sugar & much more water.

To be honest, I didn't realise how much of my diet was shit/potentially causing irritated bladder until I looked at a food chart showing 'safe' foods, 'maybe' foods and 'avoid' foods.  I ate mostly from the 'avoid' list with dabbles over in the 'maybe' and 'safe categories'.

To be honest, all the best foods--dark chocolate, smoked meats, aged cheeses, wine, etc.--are from the 'avoid' list.  My hope is that whatever issue I have will resolve while I'm gnawing on carrots, chomping on cashews & slurping down whole milk.

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