Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trip to DE & CH

The hubs and I took a brief trip to Europe the week of the US elections. However, given that the news outlets in Germany are on top of broadcasting about world events, we could not avoid hearing & reading about the Trump win. Donald's mug adorned nearly every magazine & newspaper cover in Germany & German Switzerland. It was off-putting to see him 'round every corner, to say the least.

'How dangerous is the new president?'

Highlights of the trip were jaunts to Basel, Konstanz & Zürich. Here are a few select photos--

Altstadt, Konstanz

Am Bodensee with friends.

Konstanz, as the Bodensee meets the Rhein

Along the Limmat, Zürich, Switzerland

Limmat, Zürich

Stroll along the Rhein, Basel

Gulls along the Rhein, Basel

En route to the Botanic Garden, Basel
Altstadt, Basel
Picked up this lively print while in Basel

Checking out walking sticks at a charity shop in Basel

Yours truly on the Red Arrow Churchill from Zürich to Schaffhausen

I miss our life in Europe & would hope to return to live there, but, at present, a move does not seem feasible. Would that it were...!


  1. That is my kind of trip Bea. I took a train through Switzerland but would love to go back and really have a visit. I bet it was gorgeous.

    1. It was lovely, if, however, very chilly! :D

  2. How very, very beautiful.
    And evocative. My father was German, but I have never visited his homeland.

    1. Yes, this area of Germany and Switzerland is very charming. I have more pics from my mobile, some better & some worse, that I may put up in another post.

      It would be amazing if you could visit DE someday.


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